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Co-create. Accelerate. Grow.

Elevate your leaders and unite your teams.

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The Co-Leadership Group in action!

Thank you to all of our clients from companies large and small, public organizations and professional associations from various sectors.


Sabourin Consult Group grows and becomes The Co-Leadership Group.

As we look to the future, we are solidifying our vision of offering you strengths-based and collaborative coaching journeys for Leaders and Teams which are rooted in your business reality and your needs to deliver concrete results.  

Let’s co-create solutions to accelerate the achievement of your goals and projects while uniting your teams and elevating your leaders to reach their full potential.  

Join our Co-Leadership Community

A community to continue to grow and learn about Co-Leadership, strengths and Action-Learning CoDevelopment 

On a regular basis, receive from our experienced coaches, approaches, tips and advice to amplify your practice of Co-Leadership, strengths and co-creation approaches.    

What you will gain

Co-create solutions, leverage everyone’s strengths and learn from each other

Discover new perspectives and  accelerate the achievement of goals and projects.

Move forward together and reach new heights as a leader and as a team

Elevate as leaders

Amplify your leadership and accelerate your full potential.

Stimulate creativity and cross-collaboration

Generate cross-discipline connections and creative solutions.

Accelerate projects and objectives

Ignite action with the synergy of talents and by learning from each other.

Ignite Co-Leadership in your team

Become a high performing team to succeed in today's reality.

Create a bold team vision & a plan to move forward

Move together forward with a common intention and actions.

Team up

Partner with seasoned leader-coaches / facilitators to learn and implement innovative practices.

Discover Our Co-Leadership Coaching Journeys