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About us

For us, co-leadership is more than just collaboration.

Who we are

Montreal, Canada is our home. The world is our scope.

We offer collaborative and strengths-based coaching journeys for Leaders and Teams  rooted in business reality and needs for concrete and impactful results. 

Our intention :  Co-create solutions to accelerate clients’s objectives and projects, unite teams and elevate leaders to achieve their full potential. 

Our unique contribution :  Co-create. Accelerate. Grow.  Elevate leaders and unite teams.

We ignite Co-Leadership with 4 core practices. And, we equip you through effective Action-Learning Coaching Journeys:

Dare to build a bold team vision & plan to move forward together

Activate strengths and synergy to become a high performing team

Co-create creative solutions across disciplines to accelerate innovative projects and goals

Stimulate creativity & cross-collaboration by learning from each other

We also offer group coaching paths for team leaders and executives.

Why Co-Leadership?

These days, individual leadership is no longer enough. To innovate and thrive, we need to leverage more shared leadership within teams. Our goal is to inspire and equip leaders and their teams to build a common vision and spark co-leadership, so they can move forward together in pursuit of new possibilities.

As bilingual, certified, strength-based coaches, we believe it all starts with rediscovering your strengths and leveraging each team member’s talents, expertise and potential.

Together, let’s generate ideas and co-create diverse solutions to thrive, innovate and move forward. And much more!

What Sets Us Apart

Our purpose is to unleash your full potential as a team and as a leader. 

  • We anchor our approaches to future trends and research on leadership development, action-learning, team dynamics as well as positive and highly participatory approaches.  

  • We are experienced bilingual certified Gallup CliftonStrengths coaches (Strengthsfinder /CliftonStrengths), a CoachingOurselves Partner and experts in CoDev.

  • We equip you with practical solutions and well-recognized approaches (in person and online).

  • We create open spaces to stimulate creativity and to allow you to experiment with new leadership and team practices.

The Values That Drive Us

Stimulate progress towards full potential
Open up to inspiring perspectives
Make a difference in organizations and our community

Co-founders and Strengths-based Coaches

Nathalie_siteweb2023 (1)

Nathalie Sabourin, M.Sc., CHRP

Co-Founder. The Co-Leadership Group

Strengths-based Coach for Teams and Leaders

2021.02.25 - CDFilles 39530

Ron Cheshire, MBA, PCC

Co-Founder. The Co-Leadership Group

Strengths-based Coach in Leadership and Business Development

Coaches - Partners


Hélène Blanchette

Executive Coach and Speaker - Leadership and Transformation

Our Partners

Pierre Lainey

Pierre Lainey, Ph.D

Full-Time Lecturer, HEC-Montréal

Expert in Leadership, Decision-Making, Change Management, Political Behaviour.


Nathalie Lafranchise, Ph.D

Expert in coaching, codevelopment and mentoring

Department of Social and Public Communication, Faculty of Communication, Université du Québec à Montréal

Maxime Paquet

Maxime Paquet, Ph.D, I/O psychologist

Consultant in organizational diagnosis and staff development

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Section of Work and Organizational Psychology, Université de Montréal


Bruno Manière

Partner France, Founder and director of Praxis Management

HR Manager Micro-Mega


Jean-Philippe Blemur

Fitness Coach. Founder Coach Blemur
2021.02.25 - CDFilles 39473

Marie-Josée Gagné, M.A.

Codevelopment coach and facilitator

Communications and social media

karole Landry

Karole Landry

Graphic Artist. Founder Graphique Design

Fanny Achache

Content creation and social media

Our Logo

Inspired by the ingenuity and artfulness of watchmaking, our logo symbolizes Co-Leadership, full potential and achieving shared aspirations. The synergy of strengths amplifies our Leadership and elevates us to achieve new heights.

Each circle consists of a large outer sphere representing Leadership and a brighter sphere, at the center, symbolizing people engaged and empowered. The middle circle illustrates talents unleashed and amplified. The junction of the different circles is the strong reminder that the interrelation of multi-disciplines and strengths are enablers to creativity and progress.

Join our Co-Leadership Community

A community to get inspired and learn about Co-Leadership, strengths-based coaching journeys and Codevelopment Action Learning.

To elevate your Leaders and unite your Teams.