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Actualized codevelopment Action Learning: to progress towards an innovative, learning organization!

Actualized Codevelopment

Actualized  Codevelopment Action Learning (CAL): an approach more relevant than ever to progress towards an innovative, learning organization! (Sabourin, Paquet, Lafranchise, 2023): 

A must-read article (in French) in the special edition on the learning organization in HR publications –  Revue RH of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines du Québec


Sept- Oct 2023

Here is a summary of the article in English . 

Read this article with this question in mind : how will you dare to implement Codevelopment Action Learning (CAL)?


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This article, written by coach and author – Nathalie Sabourin – and the team of pioneering researchers – Maxime Paquet and Nathalie Lafranchise-  presents aligned and actualized Codevelopment Action Learning (CAL) as a significant means to build a collaborative, innovative and learning culture.

For the first time, the text presents the scientific results of research carried out in various contexts. The benefits and impact of CAL as well as the conditions required for its implementation are illustrated.

What is Codevelopment Action Learning (CAL)

Codevelopment Action Learning (CAL) is a group of 5 to 8 people that come together over a pre-determined period (in person or online) with a common purpose: progress collectively and individually, co-create solutions and open up to new possibilities by learning from each other.

Watch this video on CAL (Codevelopment Action Learning)

CAL’s Impacts: Co-Create.  Accelerate.  Grow.

The article presents how CAL builds collaborative, creativity and learning capabilities, as well as human and T-shaped skills such as leadership.  Research by M. Paquet and N. Lafranchise show:

  • 91% of CAL group participants report achieving their objectives.
  • 85% of participants report transferring what they have learned to their day-to-day work.
  • CAL stimulates self-efficacy at work (see graph).

An updated, aligned approach

The authors describe how CAL has evolved to better meet the needs of companies and organizations seeking to innovate, stimulate teamwork and build a learning culture.

"The " Learning " component of Codevelopement Action Learning[...] aligns with the most recent practices and knowledge suggesting that learning is the main driver of other successful factors in all companies, in all business sectors and in all industries. [...] Codevelopement Action Learning has also given a new dimension to the understanding of the motto "no action without learning, no learning without action". To this purpose, emphasis is being placed on key issues such as accountability to management through measurable results, and greater sharing of personal development objectives between participants." (3)

Dare to implement Codevelopment Action Learning

« Experience CAL and adopt it».  You will gain the benefits: Accelerate goals/projects.  Co-create solutions.  Grow and Learn.

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