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Tools to accelerate Co-Leadership

Co-create. Accelerate. Grow.

Hundreds of copies used in various organizations!

Coaching  Starter-Kit: Objective to Decision

  • Become a better Leader-coach and facilitator.
  • Elevate your reflective practice and ability to ask powerful questions.
  • Activate the co-creation of solutions. 

CAN $65.00

The coaching starter-kit helps you find solutions to the challenges of our practice. You will strengthen your active listening and questioning skills. By using targeted questions inspired by the GROW coaching model, you will promote a collaborative dialogue to open the field of possibilities and encourage transformation and action.

Ways to use the Starter- Kit

  1. To self-coach: take a step back from challenges, reflect on questions and find new solutions
  2. To prepare for a coaching session with an employee
  3. To guide and facilitate a coaching session
  4. To prepare for your development discussion with your manager
  5. To prepare for a mentoring discussion (mentor or mentee)
  6. To stimulate questioning in a CoDev session (steps 2 and 5) or group coaching
  7. Questions to open a workshop (“Check-in” )
  8. To use in a workshop on the art of questioning9. During a coaching training with the GROW model10. To host a “Proaction” Café.

The coaching starter-kit is useful for:

  • leader-coaches
  • entrepreneurs who are short of time
  • coaches and HR professionals
  • mentors and mentees
  • facilitators

What’s in the starter-kit

  • An explanatory guide
  • 48 cards

Set-up Codevelopment Groups (in French only)

Collaborer et agir | Mieux et autrement

Guide pratique pour implanter des groupes de codéveloppement professionnel (2017)

CAN $29.95

In the era of globalization and technological revolution, agility, innovation, collaboration and leadership are central to leaders’ strategic priorities. This guide describes how effectively professional co-development action learning groups enhance individual potential, while consolidating organizational performance.

Geared toward CEOs, managers and guidance professionals, the guide describes this innovative approach and explains how to put it to work in their organizations.

Authors: Nathalie Sabourin, M.Sc, CHRP, and France Lefebvre, CHRP

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