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Co-Leadership in Practice: Activate the synergy of strengths in a team…

Activate the synergy of strengths in a team to accelerate ambitious goals, together

The challenge

A Senior Executive was looking for new ways to foster Co-Leadership and synergy between the two management teams under his responsibility to accelerate current and future important business transformations. The goal was also to continue to elevate the leadership of new managers.


The management team chose to stimulate co-leadership by implementing first the strengths-based approach (Gallup CliftonStrengths – TeamStrengths™)

First, each team member completed the Gallup CliftonStrengths 34® questionnaire to rediscover their strengths as well as a survey to assess their co-leadership practices.

Individual coaching by a certified Gallup coach helped each manager define their unique team contribution and fulfillment needs. It also provided them with practical tools to lead with intention and positively impact significant changes.

After their individual coaching sessions, leaders analyzed the team’s strengths grid and survey results, providing insights into strengths, potential challenges, and new partnerships.

The team co-created concrete actions to become an effective and united management team.

Solutions were implemented with collaboration and peer support.   Team coachings continued every 2 -3 months.


After one year, the second survey shows significant improvements in several areas: synergy, cross-functional collaboration, co-creation, decision-making, and communication. Importantly, team members were proud to share the team’s progress and their personal leadership growth with concrete examples.