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CoachingOurselves Modules

Created by the international Management professor Henry Mintzberg from the University of McGill (Canada), CoachingOurselves enables Leaders and their teams to self-organize their peer coaching sessions using a module written by internationally recognized experts. 

Small groups of 4 to 6 people meet for 120 minutes with a module of their choice. 

We equip you to set-up co-coaching sessions, train your facilitators and select modules to meet your needs. 

How does it work?

3 Options

Strengths-Based Co-Leadership Journey

We incorporate CoachingOurselves modules in our Co-Leadership Action-Learning or Strength-based Team Coaching. (10-15 people)

Leadership Forums and Off-Sites

We can coach you to use a CoachingOurselves module as a Learning activity for your next Leadership Forum or Off-site. (10-75 people)

Co-Learning Spaces in your Teams

You have regular project meetings? Operational check-ins? However, do you organize “Co-Learning Moments” with your direct reports? It’s time to dare to implement “Co-Learning spaces” to stimulate continuous growth and allow your Leaders to learn from each other. CoachingOurselves Modules are 90 minutes self-directed guides to spark meaningful conversations to help accelerate goals and build the competencies required to be successful in today’s reality. See the list of modules below.

Choose Your CoachingOurselves Module

Integrate modules in your Strengths-based Co-Leadership Journeys or Leadership Forums

Collaboration and Teams

  • Flash-CoDev™: Accelerate Goals and Consolidate Competencies (to build team collaboration)
  • Become a High-Performance Team
  • Time to Dialogue (to stimulate creativity in the team)
  • Ordinary People, Extraordinary Leadership (to motivate the team)
  • Working Style Differences and Team Problem-Solving
  • Virtual Teams: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Feedforward instead of feedback
  • Candid Conversations

Vision & Strategy

  • Strategic Blind Spots
  • Understanding Stakeholders
  • Managing to Lead (to implement a Leadership Culture)
  • Igniting Momentum with Customer Insight
  • Silos & Slabs in Organizations
  • Leases for Leadership Insights (to stimulate creating thinking)
  • Stimulate the entrepreneurial imagination
  • Seeing beyond belief: Skills for managers
  • Visionary Management

Transformation and Change

  • Managing Culture Change: Beyond the Status Quo
  • Two Models to Implement Change
  • Flash-CoDev™: Accelerate Goals and Consolidate Competencies
  • Being a Catalytic Leader
  • Learning from Mistakes & Successes
  • Developing your people: The 70:20:10 Framework

Leadership & Management

  • Dealing with delegation
  • Coaching and mentoring others
  • Leading with Humility
  • Influencing Others: Leading Through Trust
  • Managing to Lead (to implement a Leadership Culture)
  • Managing on Tightropes: the Conundrums of a Managing
  • Flash-CoDev™: Accelerate Goals and Consolidate Competencies 
  • Talent Management
  • Accountability: It’s a Tricky World
  • From Listening to Coaching
  • Managing Time & Energy | Dealing with Pressures of Managing
  • Career Anchors

Woman & Leadership

  • Women Rising: Breaking the Habits That Hold You Back
  • Reflecting
  • Building purpose in life and work
  • Flash-CoDev™: Accelerate Goals and Consolidate Competencies

Five Minds of a Manager Journey

Based on Henry Minzberg, Ph.D and MBA professor, the practice of managing involves five mindsets.  We can build a learning journey with modules aligned with :  

  • Managing Self: the Reflective Mindset
  • Managing Organizations: the Analytic Mindset
  • Managing Context: the Worldly Mindset
  • Managing Relationships: the Collaborative Mindset
  • Managing Change: the Action Mindset

Examples of Modules for Executives and Directors

  1. Understanding Your Organizational Culture
  2. Managing on Tightropes: the Conundrums of a Managing
  3. Leading with Humility
  4. Silos & Slabs in Organizations
  5. Strategic Blind Spots
  6. FlashCodev : Accelerate Goals and Consolidate Competencies
  7. Two Models to Implement Change

Examples of Modules for People Managers

  1. FlashCodev : Accelerate Goals and Consolidate Competencies
  2. Dealing with Delegation
  3. Become a High-Performance Team
  4. Managing to Lead (to implement a Leadership Culture)
  5. Talent Management
  6. The Rewards of Recognition
  7. Feedforward instead of Feedback
  8. Time to Dialogue
  9. Candid Conversations
  10. Influencing Others: Leading through Trust

Examples of Modules for HR Professionnals

  1. Developing Your People: The 70:20:10 Framework
  2. FlashCodev : Accelerate Goals and Consolidate Competencies
  3. Coaching and Mentoring Others
  4. Engagement: Beyond Buy-In
  5. Ordinary People, Extraordinary Leadership
  6. Realizing the Power of Difference: Thinking Differently About Diversity
  7. The Power of Social Learning

Examples of Modules for Individual Contributors

  1. Being a Catalytic Leader
  2. FlashCodev : Accelerate Objectives and Build Competencies
  3. Time to Dialogue
  4. Managing Time and Energy
  5. Career Anchors

Create an Internal Certified CoachingOurselves Facilitation Team

If you are interested in deploying the CoachingOurselves approach in your organization, we can train and coach your internal team to become certified CoachingOurselves Facilitators. This will enable your Team to manage CoachingOurselves Journeys and to ingnite a Co-Leadership learning culture.