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Working in Co-Leadership: Why and how?

Published by Sabourin, N. & Bédard, C. (2021). Working in Co-Leadership: Why and how? Revue RH. Ordre des CRHA. Co-Founder. Strengths-based Coach for Teams and Leaders. Co-create. Activate. Grow. ...

Sabourin Consult Group becomes The Co-Leadership Group

Press release – for immediate release Sabourin Consult Group becomes The Co-Leadership Group  Looking to the future, Sabourin Consult Group, founded in 2005, is moving forward as “The Co-Leadership ...

Breaking Down Silos and Promoting Collaboration Through Co-leadership

Published by: Bédard, C. & Sabourin, N. (2021). Breaking Down Silos and Promoting Collaboration Through Co-leadership. Revue RH. Ordre des CRHA. Summary: The complexity of the ...

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