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Sabourin Consult Group becomes The Co-Leadership Group

Press release – for immediate release

Sabourin Consult Group becomes The Co-Leadership Group 

Looking to the future, Sabourin Consult Group, founded in 2005, is moving forward as “The Co-Leadership Group”, in response to overwhelming demand and with a vision to supporting leaders and their teams to be more united, collaborative and reach their full potential. 

Co-founded by Nathalie Sabourin, M.Sc., CHRP, and Ron Cheshire, MBA, ACC, both certified bilingual strength-based coaches, The Co-Leadership Group offers coaching journeys to elevate leaders and activate team synergy to reach new heights.

The strengths-based and collaborative coaching journeys for Leaders and Teams are rooted in the business reality and needs of clients to deliver concrete results.

“Co-leadership is more than just collaboration. Because these days, individual leadership is no longer enough. To innovate and thrive, we need to leverage co-leadership within teams. Our goal is to inspire and equip leaders and their teams to build a common vision, co-create solutions, and spark co-leadership, so they can move forward together in pursuit of new possibilities.” 

– Nathalie Sabourin, M.Sc., CHRP, and Ron Cheshire, MBA, ACC 

Co-founders – The Co-Leadership Group 


The Co-Leadership Group now includes a team of experienced bilingual coaches and a group of recognized expert partners. 


About The Co-Leadership Group 

Co-founded by Nathalie Sabourin and Ron Cheshire, The Co-Leadership Group is a continuation of Sabourin Consult Group inc., created in 2005. 

The company offers strengths-based and collaborative coaching journeys for leaders and their teams rooted in business reality and needs to deliver concrete results.

The Co-Leadership Group aims to co-create solutions to accelerate clients’ projects and objectives, unite teams, and elevate leaders to achieve their full potential.


For an interview or more information, contact Nathalie Sabourin, M.Sc., CHRP, Cofounder, The Co-Leadership Group: 


Telephone: 514-773-4591

Nathalie Sabourin is available to discuss with you on the following topics:

  • The main challenges for Leaders of Teams in today’s reality
  • Why leveraging co-leadership is valuable for your business
  • Tips and tricks to foster co-creation and co-leadership in a team
  • The skills and capabilities of tomorrow