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Co-create and Learn from Each Other

«Everyone has something to teach, everyone has something to learn. »

CAL Implement™ - Implement Codevelopment Action Learning Groups

Codevelopment Action Learning (CAL) is a group with 5 to 8 people with a common purpose to: 1. Co-create solutions 2. Accelerate objectives and goals 3. Grow through mutual learning.

In an increasingly fast-paced world, CAL opens new possibilities to move forward and learn from each other.  Watch the video  here

We support the implementation of your CAL groups :

  • Develop the Deployment strategy and Plan
  • Prepare the Communication Plan and Coach the Ambassadors
  • Build your Facilitation Team
  • Prepare the CAL Journey
  • Evaluate the impacts of the CAL groups
  • Coach your Facilitation Team


Why dare to deploy Codevelopment Action-Learning?

  • Build Teamwork and Learning
  • Grow Leadership Capabilities
  • Break Down Silos and Promote Multi-discipline Collaboration
  • Foster Innovation

CAL KickStart™ ​

Become a Codevelopment Action Learning Facilitator : Coaching-Training Journey

Learn how to implement and facilitate Codevelopment Action Learning Groups.  See video on CAL here

Format:  Groups of 5 to 6 People with 1 Trainer-Coach

  • Online or in-person
  • Practices and Feedback
  • Self-assessments
  • Guides and ToolBox

CAL KnowledgeUp™ : Master Coaching for Codevelopment Action Learning Practitioners

  • Sharpen your CAL practice : Co-create l Accelerate l Grow

    • Package 1 :  Individual Strengths-based CAL Coaching Journey :  CAL Self-assessment, 4 online individual coaching sessions and feedback on a CAL session videorecording. To complement,  your Gallup CliftonStrengths34 questionnaire /debrief session to discover your strengths.


    • Package 2 – Group Coaching Journey (online)
      • Package 2.1 : 3-6 months after the launch of your CAL groups:  CAL Self-Assessment and group coaching to elevate your CAL practice (2 x 0.5 day)
      • Package 2.2 : Elevate the capabilities of your Leaders with CoachingOurselves Guides (for a team of internal facilitators) –  Live and experiment the approach. Select 2 guides from the library here.  (2 x 0.5 day)
      • Package 2.3 : Amplify your online CAL facilitation skills (2 x 0.5 day)


    • Check out the video on Codevelopment Action Learning and the benefits for your organization :

CoachingOurselves FlashCodev™ : A innovative Co-coaching Self-Directed Guide

Co-Create Solutions and Activate Co-Learning

Face-To-Face and On-line

A package that allows you to break down silos, improve creativity and synergy in your team. Co-create innovative ideas and solutions and learn from each other to be more ambitious and dare to take action.

The Flash-Codev™ brings together small groups of 5-6 people in a co-development format to find solutions, co-create and learn from each other.

The process includes:

Kick-off with the team leader – understanding the team dynamics.
Launch and co-construction as a team

Workshop 1 – Living and experiencing the Flash-CoDev™ as a team.
Workshop 2 – Practicing as a team

Consolidation and integration of the approach in the team: Coaching with the team leader and 2 in-house facilitators
The Flash-CoDev™ toolbox online.

In a large-scale Forum: Flash-CoDev Circles™

Live and experiment Co-Leadership circles with Flash-CoDev™

During Leaders’ Forums, large Group events or during training workshops, discover the power of Co-Leadership circles with Flash-CoDev™ method.

Package 1

Live and Experience Flash-CoDev™ with Nathalie Sabourin, Author of the module.

Package 2

Receive a Structured Coaching to run a Flash-CoDev™ Event Independently.

Package 3

Implement a Leadership Co-Coaching Journey.

Select 4 or 5 CoachingOurselves guides from this list

Select and prepare your team of facilitators


Become a better leader

Get the Coaching Starter-Kit "From Objective to Solution" kit and improve your coaching skills.