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Co-create and Learn from Each Other

« Everyone has something to learn and something to teach. »

Discover Flash-CoDev™

Flash-CoDev Teams™

Co-Create Solutions and Activate Co-Learning

This package aims to break down silos, improve creativity and synergies in the team. Co-create innovative ideas and learn from each other to be bold and to dare to take action.

Flash-CoDev™ brings together small groups of 5 to 6 people in a co-development format to co-create solutions and learn from each other.

The Process Includes :

  • Kick-off Meeting with the Team Leader – to understand Team Dynamics
  • Launch and Discovery of the Flash-CoDev™ Method
  • Coaching 1 – Live and Experience Flash-CoDev™ as a Team
  • Coaching 2 – Team Practice
  • Consolidation and Integration of the Approach in the Team: Coaching with the Team Leader and 2 Internal Facilitators
  • Access the Online Flash-CoDev™ Toolbox.

Flash-CoDev Circles™

Live and experiment Co-Leadership circles with Flash-CoDev™

During Leaders’ Forums, large Group events or during training workshops, discover the power of Co-Leadership circles with Flash-CoDev™ method.

Package 1

Live and Experience Flash-CoDev™ with Nathalie Sabourin, Author of the module.

Package 2

Receive a Structured Coaching to run a Flash-CoDev™ Event Independently.

CoDev Implement™

Implement CoDev and Co-Learning Groups

We support you in setting up and facilitating your groups. We can help you:

  • Develop the Deployment Strategy and Project Plan
  • Prepare the Communication Plan and Coach the Ambassadors
  • Develop the Learning Path – Select Facilitators
  • Prepare Course Reports and Final Evaluation
  • Facilitate Groups

Why use CoDev?

  • Grow Leaders with Action-Learning Approaches
  • Break Down Silos and Promote Multi-discipline Collaboration
  • Foster Creativity, Agility and Change
  • Build Listening, Questioning and Feedback Skills

CoDev KnowledgeUp™

Coaching for Master CoDev Facilitators

Sharpen your capacity to set-up CoDev groups:

  • Individual Coaching
  • Mastermind Circles and KnowledgeUp™ Group Coaching

CoDev KickStart™

Becoming a CoDev Facilitator - Coaching

Learn how to facilitate CoDev Groups.


  • 100% Online: 5 Group Coaching Sessions of 2.5 hours
  • Practices and Feedback
  • Self-assessments
  • Guides and ToolBox
Groups of 5 to 6 People with 1 Trainer-Coach


Become a better leader

Get the Coaching Starter-Kit "From Objective to Solution" kit and improve your coaching skills.