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Shape a bold vision and a plan to move forward, together

«Leaders who succeed in this context of uncertainty and complexity will provide direction with a collective intention, putting their teams first. »
Hubert Joly, Former CEO of Best Buy and Harvard Business School Professor

Shape a bold vision and a plan to move forward, together

We propose a highly participative approach to:

  • Build a “One Team” mindset and rally team members around a common and inspiring value proposition.
  • Establish the foundations to become a high performing team to achieve strategic business outcomes.
  • Accelerate the team’s journey towards cross-collaboration and co-leadership.
  • Engage everyone to be an architect for the team’s sustainable future and co-create the roadmap to success.
  • Move beyond the status quo, stimulate creativity and open up new possibilities.

Our structured and participative approach

Inspired by Appreciative Inquiry and collective intelligence models, we accompany your team with a highly participative, structured, and inspiring approach.  Based on your needs, your resources and your reality, our approach can include either your management team, your entire team and/or an extended team with key stakeholders to co-create the future. Certain steps can be conducted internally.

The value of our approach

  • Stimulate creativity and connection to open new possibilities, together.
  • Dare to think outside the box by leveraging the synergy of strengths in the team.
  • Stimulating the power of positive collective intelligence through meaningful conversations.
  • Seasoned bilingual facilitators with expertise in face-to-face and online facilitation.
  • Leverage/Build internal capabilities. Transfer expertise to internal resources to stimulate autonomy.

Working principles

« The concept of the « World Café » approach starts from the idea that people already have the wisdom and creativity to face challenges. By creating the right context, it is possible to access and use this deeper knowledge about the things that really matter. » (Brown, 2001)

« World Café » Methodology Options

Open « World Café »

Initiate creative conversations to move forward

Co-create innovative solutions by engaging participants in meaningful conversations around inspiring questions.

This approach stimulates creativity. People co-create work in networks, in cross-functional groups, and on cross-disciplinary issues.

This is an effective method to rally groups around a common intention.

Groups of 20 to 100 participants

Structured « World Café »

Mobilize your teams with inspiring conversations structured around predetermined topics/themes

A collaborative and creative group conversations around three pre-determined topics. 

This is an effective method to engage groups in the co-creation of action plans and initiatives to move forward.  

Often used during strategic leadership sessions or Team forums.  

For groups of 15-25 participants

Proaction Café

Accelerate projects and initiatives with collective and diverse insights

Proaction Café provides a highly-participative and safe-space for “Project Owners” to elevate and accelerate their projects and initiatives. 

Project owners present their concept to their peers or other stakeholders. Through a series of open-questions and conversations, ideas are ignited and new perspectives are opened.  

For groups of 15 to 100 participants 

Leadership Forums and Off-Sites

Co-Design and Coaching

Active Coaching

  • Needs Analysis and Planning
  • Co-Design
  • Preparation of Team or Learning Activities
  • Coaching of Internal Facilitators
  • Review of Impacts and Results


Mobilization, Launch, Facilitation

  • Mobilization of Stakeholders
  • Launch
  • Co-facilitation of Activities

Accelerate the Achievement of Results

Moving Forward

  • Ideas Consolidation
  • Approach to Accelerate Implementation
  • Coaching of Project Leaders
  • Progress Review
  • Celebration of Results