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The 1st English-language book on Codevelopment Action Learning (CAL)


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Codevelopment Action Learning for Business:

Co-create. Accelerate. Grow.

In a long-awaited English-language format, Codevelopment Action Learning (CAL) in a variety of contexts and its benefits are presented in a lively and innovative way, by a dynamic team of business coaches and academics.

Published by Routledge Taylor Francis
The world-renowned publishing house

Authors: Maxime Paquet, Nathalie Sabourin, Nathalie Lafranchise et Ron Cheshire.

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“This guide provides CEOs, future CEOs, Managers, and aspiring Leaders of teams with a practical tool to accelerate performance, drive talent engagement and generate greater results. I also encourage all HR professionals to read this roadmap to increase collaboration and team synergy”.

Chantal Riopel
General Manager, Marriott

"The authors bring you a must have book to help your leaders of teams become better leaders. I recommend it to all CEO and Human Resources Executives. It's the kind of guide that you want to have and refer to when you are looking for solutions to build strong leadership as well as collaborative and learning cultures."

Xavier Tedeschi
Director of Human Relations, Innothera

A Must-Read in 2024!

Workplaces that prioritize innovation, teamwork and learning have become a reality, thanks to:

Codevelopment Action Learning (CAL) –
a simple, practical and effective approach.

This book will help you create a collaborative, learning and engaging culture. And if you lead teams, dare with CAL to grow your participative leadership in the context of today’s transformations.

In an innovative and practical English-language format, the book presents Codevelopment Action Learning (CAL), its principles, method, roles and tools. The 7 steps come alive throughout the pages, and the conditions for successful implementation in businesses are clearly explained.

The content of this book is enriched with real-life case studies from various sectors (private, entrepreneurial, public, community, academic), as well as research findings on the benefits and the tangible impacts of the approach.

What's in the book

"This book is exceptional. It is the most comprehensive explanation of the principles, methods and tools of a new approach to individual and team leadership development, which involves organizational co-creation, collaboration and learning from and with others".
Yury Boshyk
CEO and Founder - Global Executive Learning and Business Driven Action Learning. Author.

Foreword– Yury Boshyk. Author; CEO, Founder of Global Executive Learning, and Business Driven Action Learning

Part 1 – Codevelopment Action Learning

Part  2 – The Codevelopment Action Learning Method

Part 3 – Is your organization ready for Codevelopment Action Learning?

Part 4 – The outcomes of Codevelopment Action Learning.

Conclusion. References.

Appendix – Tools

Inspired initially by the authors who originated the approach, Adrien Payette and Claude Champagne, as well as the English literature on “Action Learning”, the authors’ dream was to take the treasure that is codevelopment, continue its evolution with the addition of coaching approaches and measures, and offer it all the empirical support it deserves. The final step now is to complete the circle by sharing Codevelopment Action Learning (CAL) with the rest of the world.

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You are a business decision-maker


You are a consultant, trainer, coach or facilitator.


You are responsible for talent development


You are a scholar practitioner and academic.

Co-Create. Accelerate. Grow.

→ This book will help you launch and accelerate the achievement of your goals.

→ The book offers a practical method that can be easily implemented.

→ It provides you with approaches and tools for implementing CAL.

→ The book presents concrete cases of implementation in various industries and contexts.

→ Research results show that CAL produces significant positive results.

A multidisciplinary team combining both practice and research

Maxime Paquet, Ph.D, Psychologist I/O

Professor and Researcher, Department of Psychology, Section on Work and Organizational Psychology Université de Montréal

Nathalie Sabourin, M.Sc., CRHA

Co-founder. The Co-Leadership Group
Strengths-based coach for teams and leaders,
entrepreneur and author.

Nathalie Lafranchise, Ph.D

Professor and Researcher, Department of Social and Public Communication, Faculty of Communication Université du Québec à Montréal

Ron Cheshire, MBA, PCC

Co-founder. The Co-Leadership Group
Strength-based leadership coach

“We are proud to be part of the success stories related in this book. Codevelopment Action Learning groups are an integral component of our Learning & Development strategy for Leaders at all levels. Our goal is to ignite cross-collaboration and sharing of practices between managers of different areas with these effective and inspiring learning spaces. This approach has helped us build our leadership community by enabling leaders to grow and learn from each other ”

Sylvain Proulx,
Learning and Development Leader, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)

Codevelopment Action Learning (CAL) and its impact

CAL is :

5 to 8 people meeting over a predetermined period (in person or online)

with the common objective

to progress and open up to new possibilities, collectively and individually.


co-create solutions, accelerate the achievement of objectives and grow by learning from each other.

Lead the way in your business: Dare to set up CAL to make a lasting difference!

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A CAL-discovery session


To set up CAL groups or build a team of CAL facilitators.

“This is an important and uplifting book offering a whole new way to rethink ways of working together. As a strong promoter of cross-collaboration, I found in this book an innovative solution to talent mobilization, employee retention and innovation development.”

Benoit Desgroseillers,
Vice-President Talent development, Finance Montreal

“This book will get you to think and inspire you to act. After testing Codevelopment Action-Learning, I was fascinated by this strong human approach that brings people together through diversity of thought. It stimulates interdisciplinarity perspectives that promotes creativity and innovation so that people and organizations can achieve their goals.”

Pierre Lainey
Full-time Lecturer-HEC-Montréal, Fellow C.M.C, Author in the fields of Leadership and Management.

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