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The Power of Co-Leadership – Will you dare to do it differently?

What actions will you take after reading this article? Share your plans for implementing co-leadership practices to innovate and build a collective future. What will you dare to do differently to take a step forward in implementing Co-Leadership practices to innovate, co-create and build a future, together?  We look forward to hearing from you!

To break free from traditional top-down leadership, an executive team boldly embraced innovation, introducing a Co-Leadership mindset and practices into their extended management team.

Why did the team opt for Co-Leadership innovation and initiate a team coaching journey?

For five compelling reasons:

  1. Enhanced Decision Buy-In: greater support of decisions and shared leadership through co-creation.
  2. Streamlined Synergy: Increased awareness and identification of synergies between teams.
  3. Diverse Perspectives, Better Decisions: Harnessing the power of diverse thought for superior decision-making.
  4. Elevated Executive Team Engagement: Maximizing involvement of the executive team.
  5. Succession Readiness and Resilience: Preparing for succession and seamless coverage during absences.


Transitioning to Co-Leadership is more than just collaboration; it’s a dynamic response to today’s ever-changing business landscape, demanding agility, creativity, continuous learning, and seamless collaboration.

To innovate, teams must be able to connect different points of view, thereby enabling us to become more creative, develop our ideas, and be open to new possibilities. And this means working differently”. (Bédard, Sabourin, 2021).

What was the starting point to the team coaching journey?

The extended management team surveyed their co-leadership practices, assessed their current state, and collectively pinpointed essential practices for advancement.

They discussed together the following question: What are the rewards of embracing Co-Leadership? As part of their journey, together, they chose the 5 top team priorities and co-created their path to success.


Throughout the year, team coaching sessions were organized to build and fortify their co-leadership capabilities and practices.

Significant improvements in just 9 months

So far, engagement scores have increased, and the management team now operates in unison with a shared vision, team principles, revamped leadership connections, and collective decision-making. Silos have been broken down along with leveraging with the synergy of their strengths, they have improved their decision-making.

The Team provided 3 words to describe their significant improvements: 

Collaboration l Connection l Helping Each Other

Above all, this team now takes pride in challenging their certainties and enhancing their leadership practices to forge ahead. They ventured into a spectrum of co-leadership practices, stretching beyond comfort zones and reshaping perspectives to co-create a brighter future together.

Next Steps

The team is committed to lengthening their coaching journey and introducing co-leadership practices to collaborators.

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