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Tools to accelerate Co-Leadership

Co-create. Accelerate. Grow.

Already used in hundreds of organizations, the Self-Coaching Starter Kit is back, improved and modernized, with relevant questions

Self-Coaching  Starter Kit: Objective to Decision

With this Self-Coaching Starter Kit, we offer you a simple and effective approach that will allow you to create new solutions to the challenges you are facing.

CAN $85.00

By using targeted questions, organized in a simple and effective structure, you will accelerate the achievement of your goals and projects through the emergence of new possibilities to move forward. [1]

Begin to experiment the Self-Coaching Starter Kit with yourself to master the tool and discover the questions that inspire you. Then you can apply what you have learned with others.

10 ways to use the Self-Coaching Starter Kit :

  • Self-coach: to step back from challenges, ask questions and find solutions
  • Guide a group coaching session
  • Prepare an individual coaching session
  • Support and peer-coach each other
  • Facilitate a team workshop to accelerate the implementation of projects
  • Prepare a development discussion
  • Get ready for a mentoring session (mentor or mentee)
  • Stimulate questions in codevelopment (step 2)
  • Ask a question at the beginning of a workshop or team meeting
  • Equip your team with a co-leadership practice

The kit contains 96 cards.

It comes with a start-up guide in which you will find the link to the complete user’s manual in PDF format.

[1] The structure is inspired by the world-renowned coaching model – GROW by author John Whitmore

To get the most out of your Self-Coaching Starter Kit

Set-up Codevelopment Groups (in French only)

Collaborer et agir | Mieux et autrement

Guide pratique pour implanter des groupes de codéveloppement professionnel (2017)

CAN $29.95

In the era of globalization and technological revolution, agility, innovation, collaboration and leadership are central to leaders’ strategic priorities. This guide describes how effectively professional co-development action learning groups enhance individual potential, while consolidating organizational performance.

Geared toward CEOs, managers and guidance professionals, the guide describes this innovative approach and explains how to put it to work in their organizations.

Authors: Nathalie Sabourin, M.Sc, CHRP, and France Lefebvre, CHRP

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